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SimplePlus is Europe's premier supplier of pure NMN powder.

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What is NMN?

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, best known as NMN, is the leading molecule in the fight against ageing.

Research, most notably at Harvard Medical School, points to role of NMN in extending healthspan by up to 30%.

Nictotinamide Mononucleotide

How does NMN work?

NMN is converted into NAD+ in the blood.

NAD+ is the fuel that drives the body's ability to remove senescent cells.

These cells have stopped functioning properly, but continue to consume the body's resources.

Young people have much higher levels of NAD+ and are able to efficiently clean out these cells.

As we age, our body's levels of NAD+ drop; by the time we are 60, levels are half of what they were at 30.

Taking NAD+ directly isn't possible. NMN is known as a precursor- the body can generate NAD+ using NMN.

How does NMN look and taste?

NMN is a fluffy white powder, with a slight yellow tinge. It tastes like a combination of citrus and popcorn, and is pleasant.

NMN dissolves very easily - 1g will dissolve on your tongue within a few seconds.

What is the standard NMN dose?

We recommend starting at 125-250mg and working up.

Place the powder on a spoon and dissolve under the tongue. No extra water is required.

Many people take 1-2g daily safely.

How do you test for NMN purity?

SimplePlus's NMN is manufactured by a pharmaceutical laboratory.

The product is tested by a process called HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography). We test for purity, water content, and ensure there are no other contaminants as a result of the manufacturing process.

The tested purity of the NMN we supply is 99.7%, with the remainder being moisture.

Where do I buy NMN?

We sell our NMN through,,, and, is available for shipping to all European countries.

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